Become a UK SAYS NO MORE ambassador with our Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Programme

The aim of the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (DASV) Prevention Programme is to enable attendees to play an active role in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence by giving them the skills to confidently signpost victims to support and engage in the topic with peers, family and friends.

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About the programme:

• The programme investigates the messages given around DASV in our society and discusses intervention, giving attendees a broader understanding of these issues.

• Examines gender ideals and norms, including toxic masculinity and how gender impacts our identity and relationships

• Looks at societal messages and misconceptions around domestic abuse and sexual violence, including in relation to gender

• Discusses Bystander Intervention Programmes and the ways we can all play a role in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence

Watch Victor, one of our current UK SAYS NO MORE ambassadors, discussing being a man in modern society:

Objectives of the programme:

• To equip students with knowledge of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

• To build understanding among Ambassadors of why peer-led interventions are successful and enable students to play an active role in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence.

• To equip Ambassadors with the skills to deliver peer awareness and information sessions and to use UK SAYS NO MORE marketing tools and events to engage other students in the conversation.

• To increase the Ambassadors understanding of the types of specialist support and legal interventions available and equip them to be able to refer to these services using the Bright Sky app.

After being part of the Ambassador Programme, Jordan shared his heartbreaking experience of domestic abuse:

Watch our other ambassadors discussing their experience with the Ambassador Programme here. You can also read about our Ambassador Programme which we ran in partnership with the NFL, including our NFL UK x UK SAYS NO MORE showcase event.

What’s in it for you?

• Ambassadors will receive a training pack, training resources, an awareness delivery pack and ongoing support from the UK SAYS NO MORE team.

• Ambassadors will become members of the DASC Ambassador Communications Network, including access the network group, access to learning and participation via the creation of podcasts, videos and TED talk-style events.

• Annual ambassadors’ events

• Access to UK SAYS NO MORE events and ‘The Know More Hub’

Moses is one of the trainers for our DASV Prevention Programme. He’s calling on us all to say NO MORE to domestic abuse and sexual violence:

For full details on the Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Programme, click here.

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