In 2018, we are excited to launch our Know More Podcast – a space to host discussions around domestic abuse and sexual violence and how we can all be part of the solution, hearing from survivors, practitioners and activists who are all working to make real social change.

Children, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health with Natasha Benjamin

In this episode, we chatted to Natasha Benjamin, founder and CEO of Free Your Mind, about the hidden impact of domestic abuse on children, and all things mental health and self-care.

Know More Podcast: Children, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health

At a time when almost one million children are affected by domestic abuse across the UK every year, and of the adults who indicated they had witnessed abuse as children more than 55% went on to experience domestic abuse in their own intimate partner relationships (Hestia 2018), it is vital we have this conversation about how children can be supported effectively.

Natasha chats about her own experience of struggling with mental health issues, and some of the common experiences of children who grow up in abusive homes. We also discuss some of the things we all can be doing better to help support victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

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Know More Podcast: Children, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health
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