Charity launch “Silence Has A Sound” domestic abuse video to highlight the plight of male victims

Mankind Initiative launch film highlighting male victims of abuse

Producer Harry Davidge, in partnership with the ManKind Initiative, a charity supporting male victims of domestic abuse, has today launched a short two minute video ‘Silence Has A Sound’ highlighting both the psychological and physical abuse male victims face.

Harry was inspired to produce the film because he felt that too many campaign videos, including a local Dorset police campaign, only portrayed female victims thereby contributing to society’s view that only women can suffer from domestic abuse. This is despite the fact that those one in three victims are male2 (500,000 suffer from partner abuse every year) and for every five people who tell the police that they are a victim are male2.

The aim of the video is to show that men are victims of domestic abuse, the psychological impact that it can have on them and the controlling behavior of their partners.

Harry Davidge, said: “‘Silence Has A Sound’ was born to dismiss the double-standards held towards masculinity in our culture that prevent men suffering from domestic and relationship abuse identifying as victims and stops them from coming forward.”

“Far too often domestic abuse campaigns have just gone for shock value and centered on violence as a way of portraying how victims are suffering. I felt that a different approach was needed which artistically showed a wider range of emotion and consequences.”

Mark Brooks, Chairman of the ManKind Initiative, said “It is vital that in helping male victims firstly realise they are in an abusive relationship and then to find a means of escaping that we accurately portray their situation. For many men, this abuse is not always about violence but a whole range of different emotional, psychological and controlling forms of abuse. The isolation in the video is a real form of controlling behavior.”

“This innovative video will chime with many men who are suffering and many who have successfully left. It is important, as shown by this view, that men in these types of situations realise their relationship is not right and leave.

“Our thanks to Harry and the team behind the film. We believe it will have a significant impact and really adds to the quality of domestic abuse videos aimed at encouraging men to get help and change society’s attitudes.”

This video can be found on the charity’s YouTube channelwebsite and social media channels and is free to use.

(2) Statistics

See Key Statistics (5) and (29):

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ManKind Initiative launch “Silence Has A Sound” domestic abuse video
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