ManKind Initiative: Support Available

What we do:

Our Vision

  • All male victims of domestic abuse (and their children) are supported to enable them to escape from the situation they are in.
  • To ensure recognition and support for male victims is fully integrated and mainstreamed in society’s view of domestic abuse and in the statutory and non-statutory delivery of domestic abuse services.

Our Mission

  • Provide direct help and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.
  • Actively encourage other voluntary and statutory services to acknowledge the incidence of male domestic abuse, to view domestic abuse as gender neutral* and to provide adequate levels of support to male victims.
  • Raise public awareness and act as an advocate for the issue of male victims of domestic abuse (and their children).

*The charity does not believe that domestic abuse should be defined as a gendered crime – it should be defined as a crime – as it is both legally, and, in terms of equality and human rights.

Our Activities

The charity undertakes a number of core activities:

  • We run a helpline manned by trained team who provide practical information, signposting and emotional support on all aspects of domestic abuse. The helpline receives 1,400 telephone calls every year from male victims or concerned friends, family (often mothers and sisters) and work colleagues. We also receive 200 calls from the police, councils, support services and the legal profession.

    Call 01823 334244  – Weekdays 10am to 4pm

  • We provide support services and information to statutory agencies, professional organisations and the voluntary sector. This activity includes training, presentations,a national conference, a directory of services (called the Oak Book), information on how to create services and a referral service. The charity has a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Adviser.

Our direct and support services are managed by a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Adviser and meet sector standards such as:

  • National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence Domestic Violence and Abuse Quality Standards (QS1116): Guidance


You can find further information via our website and follow us on Twitter at@mankindinit


ManKind Initiative: Support Available
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