Here you will find all the resources you need to start sharing, promoting and engaging with the campaign as one of our our partners.

Social Media Images

Whether you’re a brand new partner or have been supporting us for a while, we always appreciate a social shout out! Download the below image and share it with your followers to let them know you’re supporting the campaign and working to make a difference. You can download it for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Image for Partners Twitter

Print Ads

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some brilliant UK talent as part of our “NO MORE excuses” and “Attention” PSA shoot, as well as working alongside the NFL to deliver domestic abuse and sexual violence training at their summer camp at Royal Holloway University. These opportunities have also enabled us to create a series of print ads. The print ads are free to save, print and use, and we would encourage you to put them up in your work environment and local community in order to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. Click here to access the print adds.


Take Action Toolkit

The Take Action Toolkit includes sample social media posts, UK SAYS NO MORE images and graphics to be shared on your website and across social media, UK SAYS NO MORE “No More Excuses” poster and more. These tools will allow you to begin sharing the campaign and help us put an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. You can access the Take Action Toolkit here.


Comms and Media Guidance

As an official partner of the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign, we ask that you endorse and promote the campaign by sharing the information found in the Comms and Media Guidance on your website and with your staff and/or members. Whilst the Comms and Media Guidance details how best to showcase your involvement with the campaign, do feel free to expand or implement your own ideas but be sure to follow the Visual Identity Guidelines. You can access the Comms and Media Guidance here.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Be clear. Be consistent. Be NO MORE.

It’s fantastic that you have agreed to come on board and join us as an official partner in seeing and end to domestic violence and sexual assault. Whilst we’re incredibly grateful of any support and promotion of the campaign you are able to offer, it’s also vital that our visual identity guidelines are adhered to in order to strengthen the UK SAYS NO MORE brand identity. The visual identity guidelines detail everything from our Vanishing Point icon to the UK SAYS NO MORE colour palette, and can be accessed by clicking here.

UK SAYS NO MORE LogoAdd your photo to the UK SAYS NO MORE Gallery

Joining the UK SAYS NO MORE Gallery is one of the best ways to show that you are standing with the campaign. As a partner, it would also be fantastic to encourage your colleagues and/or members to join the many other individuals Taking A Stand against domestic violence and sexual assault by adding their photo to the gallery.



Add your photo to the Gallery!


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