It is with great pleasure that we can announce The Dash Charity has joined as Official Partner of UK SAYS NO MORE.

The Dash Charity is here for one reason only, to provide confidential advice and support to individuals and families affected by domestic abuse.

Dash stands for Domestic Abuse Stops Here and have been advocating for those in need since 1976 as Berkshire East and South Bucks Women’s Aid, before formerly changing their name to the Dash Charity in July 2014. This was at the result of their expanded services that included more than just women specific services.



To create a world where domestic abuse has been eliminated forever.


To relieve the distress and suffering of anyone (including children) who have suffered, are at risk of suffering or are exposed to domestic abuse.

To ensure the causes, consequences and means of addressing domestic abuse are recognised and understood by the public, civil society and the government.

Dash’s Services support both adults and children as one in four women and one in six men with one in five children on average being affected by domestic abuse. With children and young people, the impact of domestic abuse can have devastating effect on their development.

Advocacy & Outreach for Adults

  • A Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) IDVA
  • A specialist IDVA who supports victims of domestic abuse with complex needs such as substance misuse, sex working, offenders and mental health
  • An A&E IDVA based in Wexham Park Hospital
  • A Male IDVA to support men who are experiencing domestic abus
  • A dedicated LGBT IDV
  • A Health IDVA who can support victims who suffer ill health or are pregnant or who have just had a baby
  • Outreach workers for those experiencing lower risk but longer term emotional effects

More information on these services can be found here.

Children’s Services

  • Therapeutic Direct Work
  • The PICADA group (Positive Intervention for Children Affected by Domestic Abuse)
  • Schools Prevention Project for Children and Young People
  • Healthy Relationships – We deliver fun and interactive workshops
  • Day Programme (Young Person’s Freedom Program)

More information on these services can be found here


Call The Dash Charity on their confidential helpline on 01753 549865 or visit their website for more information. 



Interested in becoming a partner of UK SAYS NO MORE?

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch with Lyndsey Dearlove, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Manager.

You can contact Lyndsey by email at or by phone at 020 7378 3170.

The Dash Charity join UK SAYS NO MORE
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