We’re so pleased to have The ManKind Initative on board as a partner of the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.

The ManKind Initiative Join UK SAYS NO MORE

Read a little about them in their own words:

The ManKind Initiative is national charity and was the first in the UK to support male victims of domestic abuse. For over 15 years we have been at the forefront of providing services and support for male victims and in ensuring that male victims receive the support they need from other organisations.

Our am is to ensure all male victims of domestic abuse (and their children) are supported to enable them to escape from the situation they are in. We are gender inclusive in our views so we want all female victims (and their children) to escape too.

We provide a range of services directly to men such as an anonymous national helpline that any man anywhere can call us (01823 334244).

The ManKind Initiative Join UK SAYS NO MORE


The ManKind Initiative Join UK SAYS NO MORE


We also support others to provide services for men so we run a one day training course, a national conference and a directory of services.

We also give male victims a public voice by campaigning for them, sitting on Government and other committees and giving presentations around the country. This includes our award winning #violenceisviolence campaign video (see below) and we regularly feature in the media.


You can find further information via our website www.mankind.org.uk and follow us on Twitter at @mankindinit


Interested in becoming a partner of UK SAYS NO MORE?

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch with Lyndsey Dearlove, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Manager.

You can contact Lyndsey by email at Lyndsey.Dearlove@hestia.org or by phone at 020 7378 3170.

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The ManKind Initiative Join UK SAYS NO MORE
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