1st December 2016.

Hestia | UK SAYS NO MORE join Amol Rajan on BBC Asian Network to discuss online abuse.

UK SAYS NO MORE campaign on BBC Asian Network

Pamela Zaballa, Head of Women and Children’s Services – Policy and Abid Gangat, Media and Communications Manager at Hestia were joined by Amina Ahmad from volunteer-run global tech project Chayn on BBC Asian Network, to discuss Hestia, UK SAYS NO MORE, and the campaign’s partnership with Chayn.

During the interview, radio host Amol Rajan invited listeners to get in touch with their own experiences of domestic violence, and posed the question: Is it harder for Asian victims of abuse to come forward? This then led onto discussions about Chayn’s work, and their new extensive guide to DIY Online Safety, which is written primarily with victims of domestic abuse or stalking in mind.

Chayn is a global, volunteer-run charity that leverages technology to empower women against violence through open source need-specific toolkits, web platforms, hackathons and workshops. Chayn aims to empower women and girls who face not only domestic violence, but all other forms of gender oppression that exist regardless of location, religion, or politics.

Chayn’s new guide is written to address areas of concern from victims of domestic abuse or stalking, but is accessible to anyone and offers practical, easy to follow advice. Read more about Chayn here! UK SAYS NO MORE campaign on BBC Asian Network

Listen to to the interview on catchup

You can listen to the segment on catchup nowAvailable from the 1st December for 29 days. You can listen to the Hestia | UK SAYS NO MORE interview around the 01:29:00 mark.

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UK SAYS NO MORE campaign & Chayn on BBC Asian Network
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