UK SAYS NO MORE marched at Women’s March on London 

On Saturday 21st January 2017 UK SAYS NO MORE marched at Women’s March on London with over 100,000 people in solidarity for Women’s Rights calling all to march for equality.

What started as a social media campaign on Facebook transcended into a mass movement of women, men and children paving the streets of London with placards and banners. Expected turnout was 25K – 30K but early figures show 100,000 passionate individuals braved the cold to share their support.

Pamela Zaballa, Head of Policy Women and Children’s Services at Hestia, was invited by organizers Women’s March on London to lead the 100,000 strong  crowd.

“The atmosphere was electric! Being invited to march at the front was humbling, I felt incredibly proud to be involved in such a momentous occasion. Looking behind to see the sheer number of people – I was overcome with emotion.”

Pamela was fortunate to meet Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, who also attended the march in Trafalgar Square.

Reports from the day reveal no arrests were made in the capital as marchers took to the streets to unify their message. Organizers succeeded in creating a march that anyone regardless of age could attend – women, men, children and animals!

Marches took place up and down the UK in nearly every major city as well globally.

New York:





After the march, we reached out to all those who attended as we wanted to learn more about why people chose to march and the impact of seeing all those marching together.




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UK SAYS NO MORE marched at Women’s March on London
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