Recently we were delighted to be invited to chat to Alianne Looijenga who runs the PAVE podcast, which is a podcast for professionals working to end the violence against women and children.

Alianne Looijenga is an international speaker motivating organizations to effectively help survivors of partner abuse, child abuse and sexual abuse, and founder of and the Professionals against violence (PAVE) podcast.  Alianne is a survivor of sexual abuse (including rape); partner abuse; and is the mother of twins who were abused by their biological father after a judge granted him visitation rights when the children were three years old. She is dedicated to the empowerment of survivors of abuse  and to support organisations working to end the violence against women and children.

Lyndsey Dearlove, Head of UK SAYS NO MORE, spoke to Alianne about the goals of UK SAYS NO MORE and about the work we have done with the NFL in running Ambassador Programmes with young people, alongside in-depth chats about healthy relationships, consent, victim blaming and how we can all better listen without judgement.

Key to the conversation was around sharing our knowledge and passing on information, and how “knowledge is nothing until you share it.”

"Knowledge is nothing until you share it." UK SAYS NO MORE on the PAVE podcast

Here’s what the PAVE podcast seeks to achieve:

The PAVE Podcast is a new kind of broadcast, which started in 2017, where you can learn what other professionals do to empower women and to stop the violence against women and children. You can learn from other professionals, with all kinds of expertises, perhaps finding professionals with whom to collaborate. The podcast calls upon the international experts in our field to share their expertise, findings, struggles, visions and solutions with you so we can use them and help you in our mutual goal to end violence.

You can listen to the podcast on Alianne’s website here, but also by searching ‘PAVE podcast’ on the Podcast app for iOS.

Did you know? Our Know More podcast has launched!

We have launched the Know More Podcast – a space to host discussions around domestic abuse and sexual violence and how we can all be part of the solution, hearing from survivors, practitioners and activists who are all working to make real social change. You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud on the web or on the SoundCloud app, and on the Podcast app on iOS devices.

UK SAYS NO MORE on the PAVE podcast
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