“Real Men Do Cry” Documentary Highlights the Physical and Mental Effects of Domestic Abuse on Male Victims



The ManKind Initiative, Britain’s first charity to support male victims of domestic abuse, has today launched a new groundbreaking and sensitive documentary portraying the real stories and experiences of male victims of domestic abuse in the UK. The documentary is released as part of the wider #UKSAYSNOMORE campaign that aims to end domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The charity believes that society and statutory services still have a long way to go before domestic abuse against male victims is recognised in the same way it rightly is for female victims. This video is aimed at changing attitudes and also in giving hope to men that they can escape from domestic abuse.

Real Men Do Cry was produced by Emma Mitchell, edited by Alex Martin and directed by Lisa Cooke. The documentary team has kindly given their permission for the video to be uploaded to the ManKind Initiative YouTube page. All men featured in the video are real victims of domestic abuse.

Mark Brooks, Chairman of the ManKind Initiative, said: “This groundbreaking and powerful documentary video is aimed at showing society the devastating effects domestic abuse has on male victims. It also will help men in these situations recognise they are a victim and give them the confidence that they can escape.

“We would like to thank the team behind the documentary for their kind permission in allowing us to broadcast this video, as well as those brave men who willingly shared their experiences.”

Ian McNicholl, ManKind Initiative Ambassador who is featured in the documentary, said: “I am very confident that this documentary will really open people’s eyes to the plight of male victims of domestic abuse and the damaging effect it has on them both physically and mentally.

“I hope that men who are going through this awful crime recognise they are victims and can escape. It will support families, friends and work colleagues who think a man they know is a victim to reach out to help him.”

The ManKind Initiative was the first charity in the United Kingdom to support male victims of domestic abuse.

It runs a national helpline (01823 334244) for male victims, trains professionals within the sector and runs a national conference.

It also is responsible for the award-winning viral video #violenceisviolence.

ManKind Initiative


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