Women Rise is a community project that gives local women the chance to debate and learn about the issue of safety of women in Haringey through exciting Women Rise events that will involve actors, theatre and debate.

Women Rise: Haringey Community ProjectThe new project from our campaign partner Jacksons Lane gives women in Haringey increased confidence.

Local service providers for women will also be invited to promote their projects and services.

There will be 3 events to a women only audience happening up until December 2016 in various locations in Haringey.

These events although addressing a serious issue will be welcoming, engaging, interactive and will explore positive solutions to barriers women are facing in society in an entertaining performance.

Each event will be followed by a series of 6 women only self-defence workshops taking place throughout Haringey.

“It provides an avenue of self- confidence which might be the all important two second feeling that will help you successfully remove yourself from a dangerous or harmful situation” Self-defence participant, Tottenham 2015

The next Women Rise event is:

Date: 25th November 2016
Time: 12pm & 3.30pm
(please specify which timeslot you would like to book in for)
Venue: Somerford Grove Adventure Playground,
Park Lane Close, Northumberland Park, N17 0HL

The next course of free self-defence is: 

Start Date: Weds 11th January 2017
End Date: Weds 15th Feb 2017
Time: Times: 12pm-1pm
Venue: Somerford Grove Adventure Playground,
Park Lane Close, Northumberland Park, N17 0H

Find out more about our campaign partner Jacksons Lane.

Jacksons Lane - UK SAYS NO MORETo book the event and the free courses and to find out more…

Telephone: Stuart 020 8347 2411
Email: participation@jacksonslane.org.uk

Women Rise: Haringey Community Project
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